Comparative Independent Fiscal Institutions Dataset (CifiD)

The Comparative Independent Fiscal Institutions Dataset (CifiD) provides information about the legal provisions that constitute the monitoring scope, powers and institutional design of 44 Independent Fiscal Institutions (IFIs) in 39 countries, including most EU member states. The dataset covers legislative changes to these institutions until 2018. The CifiD contains items that refer to the institutional properties of fiscal monitoring bodies as they are defined in legislation. Furthermore, based on the coding new indices on the political independence and the level of expertise of these fiscal monitoring bodies were developed, allowing researchers to investigate the roots and effectiveness of fiscal monitoring and its effects on the fiscal performance of national governments more thoroughly.

PartyEurope Dataset

The PartyEurope Dataset links 462 national and regional parties from the 28 EU member states to their respective European political party and, in case they are represented in the European Parliament, to the parliamentary group. The dataset provides party identifiers of Comparative Manifesto Project (CMP) and Chapel Hill Expert Survey (CHES) to easily link data of different datasets. It can be used for comparisons of party positions within and between party families.